Saturday, March 16, 2013

Whale-dogs galore

So today was more work and fun, after a few days out of the running for various reasons, one of which was a completely sleepless night.

So today was some doodles on the idea of a "whale dog."   The idea is this is a dog-like creature native to the planet Thessia in the Mass Effect universe. (Yes am I am a huge mass effect nerd)  Whale-dog is the term that would be given to it by humans...I don't have its actual name yet.   Think like a pug, but with a mouth big enough to nibble on your whole head...

They are companion piece to a design project I did with my girlfriend, over a hypothetical "male-asari" race, the Tass'ron, and this is one of their space ships, a light frigate style ship with a 5 man fight crew, and engineers + marines possibly...   

The design was inspired by a manta ray.  I looked up all kind of ship designs and concepts in the research but I find my favorite designs always come from not from using other concepts and art as references  but actual photo source martial. 

And this was only gleened after the 10th attempt, proof once again the first design is rarely the winner.  

This ship is planned for upcoming 3d projects

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