Monday, August 29, 2016

August Dump

As always I am terrible about keeping up on here.  

August has been a productive month.  I'm getting over my artist block I feel. 

I also purchased a new software Art Rage.  Its an awesome oil simulator.

A simple still life with the Oils Brush to get a feel for art rage.

Something mechanical - using the watercolors brush with some pencil via Art Rage
Soemthing, more oils.  Its as confused as I felt that day.  
 Figure practice, photoshop
 Art in the style of Rupert Everton

 My lovely opinion of our fearless leaders...

Doodles and practice 
 Oils brush in Art Rage..   I'm getting a little better at women.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

 A new commissions that I did via Photoshop.  I worked from supplied photos compositing some of the subjects together.

To deliver that painted feel, all the work is free-handed panted, no photo manipulation here.  

Monday, March 7, 2016

Figure doodles and trying to get better hand control with the intuos.  The thing is really a bitch to draw on due to the disconnect of not looking at what your hand is doing.   Maybe brute force practice will get me somewhere.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Big Time Update 2014 to present

Well holy gadzooks batman I have abandoned this for far too long.   Long story short, I had some wee personal feels to work out.  Head-drama is mostly over now and Chris the artist man is back! 

So this will be a big dump of stuff I've been working on.    Lets go down from oldest to newest at the bottom

 Abstract things...


7-20-14  Portrait of my bro...


A little study did about the the same because.  

One of his Girlfriend... Christmas 2014

Of course the kid wanted another one...
Julyy 2015 and at that. 

A family member wanted their dog painted.  It was fun to make the puppy look friendly.
I also got paid for this...woo!  -Christmas 2015


Which it went over so well another family member wanted thier boyfriend's dogs painted.
It was well received, felt nice  - Jan 2016

I'm been cranking on art some more all on my own too. 

Messing around with abstracts again...low effort art poop

This is personal project, started this February.  It started a bored effort to try extreme colors in a portrait.  Also I wanted to take on a pretty pretty girl because I tend to make women manish.  But it started to turn out so I refined it.   Its still in progress.  I was trying out new custom made brushes and the mixer brush in photoshop.  Both turned out well. Feb -2016

Hair is the devil, so I'm taking a crack at studying it.   I'm trying to prep before I add hair to the girl as I wanna do something over the top with it. 

I'm calling it punk neon, even more art poop.  

I bought Art Rage for my Note 3, such a great phone with a stylus and wacom digitizer.  Its no photoshop or Corel painter, but Art Rage is probably the best painting app for Android.  I know, I tried them all.   My note is a neat little paint-box in my pocket now.   I'll probably be doing much more with it in the future, battery life be damned. 

I must not Buy a Galaxy note 10"...

Something something movement...

Tonight's fun...figure studies and trying to learn to draw effectively on a desktop tablet.   Someday I'll have a cintiq to slave over...for now...

I think its time to resume the blog.   I've also got a goal of a couple art's per week from here on out.